Our Scents

Bergamot Clouds

A warm rich enveloping fragrance, soft and smooth to the touch.⁠

Sandalwood top notes are surrounded by earthy patchouli and smoky incense, a top note spike is created by bergamot while a soft violet finish soothes.⁠

Bergamot, Sandalwood, Violet, Patchouli & Incense⁠

To The Sea

Fresh, light and playful while grounded in ozonic earthiness.⁠

Rock salt mixed with a samphire base is offset with citrus bergamot top notes that cleanse. Add a little ambrette musk mallow to add depth. Just a few of the ingredients.⁠

Rock Salt, Bergamont, Musk Mallow & Samphire⁠


Meandering through an English garden. Roses, mix with currants and crushed spearmint underfoot.⁠

Gertrude Jekyll rose lies at the heart with black current and spearmint puncturing the top notes. Vibrant pink pepper spices and warms the whole.⁠

Rose, Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant, Spearmint⁠

Open Windows

Clean, breezy, fresh and invigorating.⁠

Top notes of lime introduce sparkle, bergamot is cleansing and envigorating, bay softens and imparts depth.⁠

Lime, Bay, Bergamot⁠

Pathless Wood

Warm and woody, tobacco infused, incense tinged and parchment lined coated in an amber soft shell.⁠

Warm notes of cedarwood carry undertones of amber and musky oak moss. A trace of bergamot cuts through to separate the mix.⁠

Bergamot, Cedarwood, Oak Moss, Amber, Leather & Tobacco Leaf⁠

Ember Remember

Open fires and sparking lights, bonfires mixed with cashmere throws.⁠

Incense and woodfired cedar are paired with base notes of oud and birch tar. Amber mellows the whole.⁠

Cedar Fir, Oud, Amber, Incense & Birch Tar⁠

Unkempt Geisha

A sweet and tender fragrance with a playful twist of orchid and pink pepper.⁠

Orchid top notes give way to warming geranium, light but earthy vetiver adds depth, smashed pink pepper corns bring the whole to life.⁠

Orchid, Pink Pepper, Vetiver & Geranium⁠


A rich, soft, full bodied sensual scent.⁠

Top notes of soft damask rose, mid notes of earthy agarwood, a hint of sweet praline followed by mellow oud.⁠

Rose, Agarwood, Santal, Praline & Oud⁠

Being Little

The innocence of tuberose, softest neroli, simple musk mallow.⁠

Light and airy tuberose sweetness, clean and soft whispers of mallow, fresh neroli top notes bring a citrus burst.⁠

Tuberose, Mallow & Neroli⁠

Winters Glow

A warming pick-me-up to light on cold winters day⁠. Christmas embodied in a candle form. ⁠

It contains all those wonderful warming scents of Orange, Amber, Angelica, Lemon, Cloves and Cinnamon. ⁠

Orange, amber, angelica, lemon, clove & cinnamon